Activist Art- Art that reaches the heart

For many, art is a decorative element, which serves to merely beautify a space. For others, however, it is a vehicle that allows the viewer to focus on a specific cause; with the intention of emphasizing (even changing) your point of view.

At Casa Gama we believe that one thing is not in conflict with the other and we consider that it is possible to beautify our home or office with art that not only dresses the walls with a pleasant image, but also carries a message that resonates with our beliefs and values, which allows us to say something about what matters to us, which brings us closer to a consciousness that is more aligned with the world that we want to leave behind for our children.

At Casa Gama we start from a base of established artists such as Raúl Anguiano, who sought to pay attention to Mexican traditions and the heritage that all that represents for the people of Mexico and the world. In the same way, emerging artists like Genaro Castañeda, who with his traditional landscapes reminds us of the natural legacy that we have inherited and that we must take care of for future generations. How can nature go out of fashion?

For this year (2021) we are preparing a series of exhibitions with emerging artists that will bring us closer to topics that today, more than ever, need our attention. Sergio Ortiz Borbolla and Jordi Machí are preparing pieces that will touch our hearts with topics such as immigration, gender inequality and disabilities. We are sure that more than one of their beautiful works will touch your heart, so we invite you to decorate with pieces that not only beautify walls, but also beautify our spirit.

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