April: Yellow month

“Los cabellos del sol” DIVAL, Julián Díaz Valverde

The color “yellow” is a bright and cheerful hue that is often associated with joy, happiness, and the arrival of spring. This makes it the perfect color to represent the month of April, which marks the beginning of the spring season, and the celebration of “Dia del Niño” (Children’s Day) in Mexico, and many Latin American countries.

In art, “yellow” is often used to convey a sense of warmth and light. One artist who has often used this color is the Mexican Artist Pablo Amor. In fact he has created a unique etching and aquatint masterpiece named “Amarillo” (yellow in Spanish) which is available in Casa Gama. This unique graphic artwork features stunning combinations of different tones of yellow which convey a strong sense of warmth and vitality.

“Amarillo” Pablo Amor

Another artist who used “yellow” in his work is the great artist Fernando Andriacci from Oaxaca (birth place to some of the greatest artists of all time). In his piece “Niños jugando” he features children playing while surrounded by animals, with a bold use of yellow. The yellow color in this painting creates a sense of warmth and happiness, which is fitting for the theme of spring and the celebration of “Dia del Niño.”

“Niños jugando” Fernando Andriacci

In contemporary art, the artist Yayoi Kusama is notable for her paintings featuring vibrant “yellow pumpkins”. Kusama’s art pieces, known as “Infinity Mirrors”, also feature an optical illusion of endlessness, which can be seen as a representation of the never-ending joy and wonder of childhood.

“Espejos infinitos” Yayoi Kusama

Además, muchos artistas latinoamericanos han utilizado el amarillo para representar la celebración del Día del Niño, como el famoso muralista Diego Rivera en su pintura “Sueño de una tarde dominical en la alameda central” (1947) este mural representa una escena de un desfile infantil, donde muchos de los niños se visten de amarillo y otros colores llamativos, transmitiendo la alegría, energía y optimismo asociado a la celebración del día del niño.

“Sueño de una tarde dominical en la alameda central” Diego Rivera

In conclusion, the color “yellow” has strong associations with joy, happiness, and the arrival of spring, making it the perfect color to represent the month of April and the celebration of “Dia del Niño”. The works of Amor, Andriacci, Kusama and Rivera demonstrate how this color can be used in a variety of ways to evoke positive emotions and convey themes of nature, childhood, and celebration in art.

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