Art in times of COVID

Urban artists create murals using the graffiti technique, this to demonstrate their support for medical personnel during the health crisis.

Art has made it possible to capture important facts, thoughts, and reflections throughout human history, leaving a record for future generations. The interpretation of art can be carried out in any language and that is why it transcends both space and time. In 2018, researchers at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa found a Paleolithic stone with human made painting, that is estimated to have been recorded around 73,000 years ago. Since then, art, along with humanity, has evolved and allows us to better understand which were the most relevant issues in each era.

Today the COVID-19 pandemic unleashes a new wave of art that communicates the thoughts of humanity regarding the virus and its effects on our society. Artists have gone out of their way to show how people cope with this health emergency. The image of the virus has become (pun intended) something viral, which floods canvases, photographs, social networks and even the walls of the street with graffiti. This COVID art tsunami, like the virus, knows no borders and can be seen in every corner of our planet.

At “El Bosque de Chapultepec” you can appreciate the tribute to health personnel: “Heroines and Heroes of COVID-19”: a collection of photographs that are been exhibited on the grille that surrounds the emblematic Mexico.

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