Art of being a Woman

Admiration, strength, surrender, drama, color, joy, love, tenderness, pain, life, Art.

There are many adjectives that come to my mind, when I try to think what women represent to me. The painter Flor Minor, mentions that “woman is itself a work of art since we give life, that is, the art of nature ”

At the same time, it comes to me as a remembrance, the definition that the master Leonardo da Vinci raises towards light not as an abstract concept, but as an intrinsically pictorial entity, as something that builds the composition, although not without meaning. Andre Breton defined Frida Kahlo, as surrealist and Kahlo said; “I don’t really know if my paintings are surreal or not, but I do know that they represent the most frank expression of myself.”

In short, it is better to accept ourselves without trying to understand that women bring a unique value to life and the world of art, or at least die trying (;

That’s why at Casa Gama, in March we dedicate and celebrate it with flowers to some of our female artists such as Nunik Sauret, Flor Minor, Concepción Baez, Carmen Parra, Irma Palacios.

And finally, I say goodbye with a phrase from the painter, Concepción Baez “I have two great privileges, one being a woman and the other being a painter” … see you !

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