Pedro Sobrado


Pedro Sobrado was born in Torrelavega (Cantabria, Spain) in 1936. In 1961 he moved to Paris, making this his permanent residence until 1976, the year in which he returned to Spain. At the beginning of his stay in Paris, he attended the Louvre School and later, he was acclimated with the artistic trends of the moment, which led him towards abstraction, where he remained until 1968, the year of the student revolution in Paris, called "May 68 " In order to illustrate these events, which had a worldwide echo and that he lived closely, he returned to the figurative, where he would remain. In the whole of Sobrado's work, the first thing that draws attention is the importance given to drawing. A drawing that comes true through a sober and exquisite line that harmonically organizes the different planes, creating transparencies and unifying shapes. The precision of its long lines from the first moments reveals a hand accustomed or better devoted to self-discipline, constant work and the delight of the repetition of forms. For Pedro Sobrado drawing has always been a natural form of communication. When considering the power of drawing, it is certain that it is a true language that was born with a desire for universality. Already in the 80s and 90s, there is a clear reflection in his works in which there are influences from Van Gogh, by Cèzanne, a certain approach to Fauvism. Also a black series where the painter reflects the night of the big city, entering dark streets and clubs to paint what he sees. Always with a schematic outline, bottom of bitumen and ashes, and no more than a few occasional hints of yellow, blue or red. Finally, it is today in the 21st century that his personal style is increasingly refined and synthetic. Her work presents a wide variety of figures and interiors, continuing with the investigation, particularly in the possibilities of representation of the feminine, portraying a woman in an intimate attitude that demands the viewer's gaze.
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