Teódulo Rómulo


Teodulo Romulo was born in Tlaxcala, Mexico in 1943. He began his artistic training at the National School of Plastic Arts in 1966, remaining until 1970. He continued his studies at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1973 the French government granted him a scholarship that allowed him to work until 1976 at William Hayter's Atelier in Paris. In 1976 he received the Silver Medal in the Salon of the School of Fine Arts in Bourges, France. In 1977 he was awarded second place in the International Painting Prize "Nichido", in Paris. In 2010 the Tlaxcala government awarded him the Bicentennial Prize for the Arts, which he shared with the poet Juan Bañuelos.

Since 1970 he has built a long history of solo exhibitions, including performances in France, the United States, and Japan. In 1976 he participated in the Triennial of Engraving in Granche, Switzerland, and in 1979 in the Engraving Festival of Asilah, Morocco. In 1982 at the exhibition "L’Amerique Latine a Paris", in France. He masters various techniques including lithography, metal engraving and mixography. Teodulo Romulo has been said to attempt to capture the primitive essences of a culture. His early paintings and prints reveal a creative process that emanates as much from intuition and fantasy as from attachment to atavistic roots and animal nature.

He has made about 50 individual exhibitions and participated in approximately 60 collective exhibitions.

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