Black & White

Black and white have been used in art since forever. Pencil, charcoal, ink, printing, photography … over the years the combination of black and white has remained in force in an almost timeless way. From cave paintings to works by contemporary artists, the absence of color has allowed artists to focus their attention and that of the viewer on form, light and shadow, depth and the most essential elements of a subject, without distractions.

There is also its meaning. White is often defined as pure light, while black is defined as the absence of light. In many cultures, they are associated with life and death or with the presence and absence of “something”.

At CASA GAMA we invite you to discover how our artists have used black and white to express themselves through various techniques. Raúl Anguiano with his beautiful linoleum and pencil studies that show the mastery of his work; Luis Filcer with that brilliant technique to capture his appreciation of light and shadow; Toledo who moves us with his appreciation of the tiniest details of nature; Zalce with its simple and perfect lines manages to capture the essence of an everyday Mexico. These are just a few examples that we bring for our collectors to enjoy.

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