Collector with intention

Are you, have you been or would you like to be a collector of something?

Depending on how old you are, it is very possible that you identify with one or more of the following options:

a) I have a living collection that I am renewing with new pieces

b) I keep a forgotten collection that is gathering dust

c) I want to be a collector, but I don’t know where to start

d) Collecting is not something that interests me YET

In my case, I can tell you that I have had collections of all kinds: sea shells, stones, insects, stickers, sweatshirts. Even at one point in my childhood I decided that I wanted to collect live animals (hamsters, fish, rabbits, cats, dogs and even snakes). I remember once waking up with this tremendous feeling of anguish and realizing that it had rained all night… and my rabbit had been left outside in his cage. I went out and found just what I feared, my white rabbit soaked and shivering on the floor of the cage. I took him with me to my bed and tried to keep him warm with blankets. But it was useless, the rabbit stopped breathing and suddenly a feeling of immense guilt took over me… my parents did their best to comfort me and I can assure you that from then on I took “collecting living things” much more seriously.

The trauma of the rabbit was not enough to dissuade me from collecting, and although I do not consider myself a materialistic person, I appreciate the value of a collection with intention. In fact, the death of my beloved rabbit helped me understand that the problem is not collecting living things, the problem is that they have to be taken care of. A collection must be taken care of in order to keep it alive. A collection that we leave forgotten loses its intention and gradually dies, until someone rescues it.

At Casa Gama we want to invite you to be a collector, either starting a new collection or rescuing a collection of yours that you have neglected or that of a grandparent or aunt. Bring it back to life appreciating it, curating it and SHARING it, that collections, just like life, taste better when we share them. Keep in mind that a collection that you make your own can become a major point of interaction with other human beings. That is why we want to ask you to share your collection (whatever it may be) with us. It does not have to be the original painting or object, it can be an image of it. The important thing here is that there is something you connect with and that makes you vibrate. Help us get to know you better through your collection.

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