February – Passion Red

The color “passion red” is a bold and vibrant shade that immediately catches the eye and evokes strong emotions. This deep, warm color is often associated with love, desire, and intensity, making it the perfect color to represent the month of February, which is traditionally associated with Valentine’s Day and the celebration of love.

In art, the color “passion red” has been used in a variety of ways to convey different meanings and emotions. The Oaxacan painter Rubén Leyva makes a bold use of the color red in his works “Cronos Rojo” and “El Compinche 2”, creating a sensation of energy and movement by using red as the background and base of his work. The figures stand out against that vibrant red background and they even appear to move. Another artist who used “passion red” in his work is the French painter Henri Matisse. One of his most famous works, “The Dance” (1909), depicts five nudes in a joyous celebratory dance. The painting is filled with warm, bright colors, with red representing the sensuality and passion of the dancers.

El Compinche 2 / Rubén Leyva
Cronos Rojo / Rubén Leyva

The Peruvian painter Julian Díaz (Dival) also gives great prominence to the color of the month of February in his work “Red Ribbons on your Head“. In it we can appreciate the movement and dynamism of the red ribbons that evoke desire and intensity. Being a large-sized painting, there is no doubt that it will transform any space in which it is exhibited.

Cintas rojas sobre tu cabeza / DIVAL, Julián Díaz Valverde

In conclusion, the color “passion red” has a strong association with love and passion, making it the perfect color to represent the month of February and the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Works by Leyva, Dival and Matisse demonstrate how this color can be used in a variety of ways to evoke strong emotions and convey powerful themes in art. From its use in traditional representational art to more abstract and contemporary pieces, “passion red” has been an enduring symbol of love and desire in the art world.

La Danza/ Matisse

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