March: Lilac month

The color lilac is a soft and delicate shade of purple that is often associated with spring, femininity, and grace. As the month of March marks the arrival of spring and also International Women’s Day, it is an appropriate color to represent this time of year. In art, many artists have used lilac to convey themes of beauty, delicacy, and femininity, making it a powerful tool for expressing the symbolism of this month.

Una artista que usó con frecuencia el lila en su trabajo es la pintora francesa Mary Cassatt. Cassatt es conocida por sus representaciones de mujeres y niños, y en muchas de sus obras utilizó suaves tonos lilas para crear una sensación de delicadeza y feminidad.  En su cuadro “El baño del niño” (ca 1893), por ejemplo, utiliza un lila pálido para crear una sensación de serenidad y tranquilidad, que contrasta con las mejillas sonrosadas del niño del cuadro, creando un momento tierno y maternal.  La pintura tiene fuertes connotaciones de protección, inocencia y cuidado que se alinea con la celebración del Día de la Mujer. Aún más, su obra “Lilas junto a la ventana” (ca 1880-1883) es un ejemplar único para resaltar diferentes tonalidades de lila y de morado, ayudándonos a apreciar no sólo la suavidad, sino también la fuerza, presente en la diversidad de tonalidades que nos ofrecen los lilas y morados de esta obra de arte. 

“The Child’s Bath” Mary Cassatt
“Lilacs in a Window” Mary Cassatt

Another artist who used lilac in her work is the American painter Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler was known for her use of color to create a sense of atmosphere and mood. One of her most famous paintings, “Mountains and Sea” (1952), uses lilacs, blues, and greens to create a sense of serenity and calm that fits perfectly with the feeling of the first days of spring. The painting is an abstraction, but can still evoke feelings of nature and the arrival of a new season – because although the arrival of the new year is associated with December 31 / January 1, the reality is that the new annual cycle of life begins with spring in the month of March.

“Mountains and Sea” Helen Frankenthaler

In contemporary art, the use of lilac continues to be prominent. A famous Mexican artist who frequently works with this color is Hector Cruz, who has used lilac in his landscapes with great mastery. Cruz widely uses the color, conveying an idea of unity and peace that aligns with the themes of Women’s Day, as it is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and to call for gender equality.

“Variantes de Color del Paisaje” Héctor Cruz – Colección privada Casa Gama

Finally, we would like to highlight the work of the Mexican artist Ulises Calderon. In his work, “Girl in Purple,” we can appreciate femininity in all its splendor, reflected in a girl who is part of a composition that is almost entirely done in different shades of lilac and purple. Additionally, this work conveys a powerful feeling of sweetness and innocence, typical of a girl whose life is just beginning to bloom, just like the flower buds preparing to receive the gift of life itself.

“Niña en Morado” Ulises Calderon

Thus, we welcome the month of March, spring, and a new cycle of life at Casa Gama, and take advantage of this ideal scenario to celebrate women.

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