May: Pink Month

The color “pink” is often associated with love, compassion, and femininity, making it the perfect color to represent the month of May and the celebration of “Mother’s Day” in Mexico and many other countries. Pink is also commonly associated with motherhood and maternal love, making it an appropriate color to honor and celebrate the role of mothers in society.

In Mexican art, “pink” can be found in many different forms, from bright and striking shades to more subdued and nuanced tones. One example of a Mexican artist who frequently used this color is Frida Kahlo. Her self-portraits often featured pink clothing and accessories. In her work “Self-Portrait on the Borderline between Mexico and the United States,” the contrast of Kahlo’s pink dress with the scene is brutal and allows her to convey not only femininity but also great strength.

Artists from Casa Gama also masterfully use this color in both original works and graphic art (1931). Luis Granda uses pink in his works Estudio Celosía I and Estudio Celosía II. In both works, we can appreciate Granda’s mastery of the Collagraphy technique, achieving vibrant pink shades in multiple tones that allow us to appreciate the virtues of this color. Additionally, if we look closely, we can appreciate feminine figures in both works that remind us of femininity and motherhood.

Another Mexican artist who frequently uses “pink” in her work is Elena Gómez Toussaint. EIn her graphic work “En busca de identidad”” and her original oil painting “Figura”, Elena presents the female figure with great sweetness, thanks to the use of soft pink tones, which contrast masterfully with the strength conveyed by the women who star in these works, thanks to the powerful stroke of the artist.

Ninuk Sauret‘s Collagraphy is another work from Casa Gama whose composition evokes this month of May. We can appreciate dark tones and bright tones, but undoubtedly it is the pink that fills this image with light and life. Sauret’s image shows us a seemingly young woman, which evokes female fertility and, naturally, motherhood.

Hecate Nunik Sauret

In conclusion, the color “pink” has a strong association with love, compassion, femininity, and motherhood, making it the perfect color to represent the month of May and the celebration of “Mother’s Day” in Mexico and many other countries. The works of Luis Granda, Elena Gómez Toussaint, and Nunik Sauret demonstrate how this color can be used in various ways to evoke both soft and strong emotions and as an element of contrast when presenting powerful themes in Mexican art.

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