Mexican landscaping

Mexico has given the world great landscapers who have been inspired by the richness of the geography of this vast territory – which stretches for almost 2 million square kilometers. Mexico is recognized worldwide for the diversity of its nature and this can be appreciated through the art of great landscapers such as Doctor Atl, José María Velasco, Joaquín Clausell, Héctor Cruz or Luis Nishisawa. These artists have captured the majesty of its volcanoes, the calm and violence of its seas, as well as the biodiversity of its flora and fauna.

Following this great tradition, Mexico continues to produce great landscapers and at Casa Gama we have the honor of bringing together two great contemporaries: Jorge Obregón and Genaro Castañeda. Thier works transport us to remote places and transmit that feeling of timeless serenity. Perspective and color are present in their works, which open a window to some magical place. Learn about the work of these great landscapers who keep this great tradition alive.

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