In these days of confinement we find ourselves closer to that space that we call home, our home, our most intimate and personal space. These quarantine days allow us to relate to our space in a more intense way, whether we like it or not. In several European countries as well as in the US, confinement is not optional and people have to be locked up

This time tells about the importance to reflect on what is important in our life, family, friends and ourselves. In the same way, I consider it an excellent way to ask ourselves if we are happy in the space we call home. Do we enjoy our space? Do we think it has a soul? What do our walls tell us about ourselves? Do we like them? Could we improve our spce?

Here at home

Ranges At Casa Gama, we believe that this time of confinement is also an opportunity to think about how we would like to dress the walls of our space. Perhaps they are already dressed and we are thinking of a “make-over”; perhaps they are naked and it is time to give them personality.

I remember once my mother told me: “If you want to meet someone, visit their home and look at the space.” Our space is undoubtedly a reflection of who we are, and the art that occupies our space is probably the most intimate element within this space.

The options to dress our space are truly endless. There is no specific rule for deciding which art to hang on a wall in your home, but I would recommend that you consider the following criteria:

  1. You like it! – The first criterion -and the most important- to choose a work of art for our home is that we like it. Think that you are going to be seeing that piece practically every day. Make sure it pleases you, not others.
  2. Theme – Taking into account the previous point, it is important to keep in mind that a certain type of art is more or less appropriate depending on the room we are talking about. I would tell you to use your common sense, but in general consider, for example: for a dining room a still life or landscape are perfect. A nude is better in a bathroom. Perhaps a religious piece is more
    appropriate for a bedroom.
  3. Size – The size of the work must take into account the size of the wall / space that we are trying to dress. If we choose a very small piece for a very large wall, the artwork will drown. In the same way, if the work is too large for the space, it runs the risk of taking the role of wallpaper or paint, and we will most likely not be able to appreciate it as the artist would have liked. For large walls, a giant painting is not necessary; Try dressing the wall with various artworks. You can even make a type of collage in which you combine oils, watercolors, engravings, mirrors and even some other element that complements like a wall clock or a family picture.
  4. Color – In general, the colors of a painting should not be a problem, but make sure that they do not collide too much with the rest of your decoration. Visualize the painting in the space and try to imagine if you feel harmony between the art piece and the rest of the elements in the space. If the answer is no, you can always change furniture 😉

We invite you to explore our catalog and remember that we are at your disposal to advise you on the selection of that perfect work of art to dress your home. So the next time you wake up at home, you will be surrounded by elements that will make you enjoy your space to the fullest.