Summer Horoscope 2024

Dear Art Lovers,

With the arrival of summer, we find ourselves in a season of change, growth, and exploration. It is a time to celebrate life, creativity, and human connection through art. In this special edition of horoscopes, we have incorporated inspiration from international and Latin American artists, including the talented Jordi, Sergio, and Marcel from Casa Gama, to guide you on your journey during this vibrant season. From Marcel Aragones’s abstract energy to the evocative empathy in Jordi Machi’s works and Sergio Ortiz Borbolla’s powerful message of hope, each zodiac sign will find motivation and guidance in the diverse forms of artistic expression. May this summer be an adventure filled with discoveries and new experiences!

Summer Horoscope

Euforia III, Marcel Aragonès


(March 21 – April 19)
This summer, Aries will be inspired by the dynamic energy and expressive freedom of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat’s works will remind you of the importance of authenticity and individuality, encouraging you to embrace your true self and pursue your dreams with passion and determination. Additionally, Marcel Aragones’s vibrant and abstract forms will propel you to explore new creative paths and break barriers.

Laberinto, Jordi Machí


(April 20 – May 20)
Tauro encontrará consuelo y serenidad en las obras tranquilas y contemplativas de Claude Monet. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Monet’s impressionist landscapes, allowing them to connect you with nature and help you find inner peace amid the hustle of summer. Also, Jordi Machi’s figurative and emotional compositions will inspire you to embrace diversity and find beauty in difference.

Tijuana Baja suenos, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla


(May 21 – June 20)
Gemini’s versatility and curiosity will be fueled by the innovation and ingenuity of Leonardo da Vinci. Explore your creative mind and experiment with new ideas and projects, inspired by the visionary and multifaceted mind of da Vinci. Additionally, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla’s photographic work will invite you to reflect on migration movements and the struggle for a better life, inspiring you to find creative solutions to the challenges you face.

Spine of life, Jordi Machí


(June 21 – July 22)
Cancer will dive into the emotional depths of Frida Kahlo’s art. Her works, filled with symbolism and authenticity, will invite you to explore your own inner world and honor your deepest emotions with courage and acceptance. Also, Jordi Machi’s collage works will inspire you to embrace diversity and find beauty in the difference.

Mariachi, Marcel Aragonès


(July 23 – August 22)
Leo will shine even brighter under the sun this summer with inspiration from the passion and drama of Vincent van Gogh. Let the emotional intensity and expressive power of Van Gogh’s brushstrokes inspire you to live life boldly and authentically. Also, Marcel Aragones’s abstract work will challenge you to explore new emotional territories and express yourself in unique ways.

Manos sin titulo, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla


(August 23 – September 22)
Virgo’s attention to detail and perfectionism will be reflected in the meticulousness of MC Escher’s works. Explore the complexity and beauty of the world around you, inspired by Escher’s optical illusions and geometric structures. Also, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla’s work will remind you of the importance of perseverance and faith in yourself as you strive for excellence in your creative endeavors.

Link, Jordi Machí


(September 23 – October 22)
Libra will find balance and harmony in the balanced and serene works of Georgia O’Keeffe. Let the delicacy and sensuality of O’Keeffe’s flowers inspire you to seek beauty in every aspect of life and find harmony in your relationships and surroundings. Additionally, Jordi Machi’s figurative work will remind you of the importance of empathy and human connection in your daily interactions.

Manos migrantes, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla


(October 23 – November 21)
Scorpio will be drawn to the emotional intensity and psychological depth of Edvard Munch’s works. Explore your deepest emotions and find liberation through art, allowing Munch’s works to guide you on a journey towards authenticity and self-discovery. Additionally, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla’s photographic work will invite you to reflect on the struggle for justice and equality in the world, inspiring you to make a difference with your actions.

Tiempo de cambios, Marcel Aragonès


(November 22 – December 21)
The themes of adventure and expansion resonate with Sagittarius, who will be inspired by the freedom and exploration in Henri Matisse’s works. Let the vitality and colorfulness of Matisse’s organic forms inspire you to follow your own path and embrace diversity and joy in all its forms. Also, Marcel Aragones’s work will propel you to explore new frontiers and embrace adventure with courage and enthusiasm.

Neuronas, Marcel Aragonès


(December 22 – January 19)
This summer, Capricorn will be inspired by the strength and perseverance in the art of Diego Rivera. Rivera’s monumental works will remind you of the importance of dedication and commitment to your goals. Take advantage of this season to connect with the historical narrative of his murals and to reflect on your own path and the goals you wish to achieve. Moreover, the abstract pieces of Marcel Aragonés will also motivate you to explore new forms of self-expression and to discover new passions. This summer is the perfect time to reconnect with yourself and open up to new creative experiences.

LGBTIAQ Tapachula, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla


(January 20 – February 18)
Originality and innovation are the essence of Aquarius, who will be drawn to the provocative and disruptive creativity of Pablo Picasso. Explore new ways of thinking and break with established conventions, inspired by Picasso’s boldness and unique vision. Additionally, Sergio Ortiz Borbolla’s work will remind you of the importance of resilience and determination in pursuing your ideals, motivating you to face challenges with bravery and conviction.

Voltereta, Marcel Aragonès


(February 19 – March 20)
Pisces’ sensitivity and imagination will be mirrored in the ethereal and dreamlike works of Salvador Dalí. Dive into Dalí’s surreal world and let your wildest dreams and fantasies inspire you to explore the limits of reality and imagination. Additionally, Marcel Aragones’s work will take you on an introspective journey, reminding you of the importance of self-expression and emotional connection with the world around you.

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